Our Story


The Vegan Cookie is a dynamic new business created by chef Nicholas Cleary after he developed the perfect recipe for a vegan, gluten-free cookie! Perfect for people who are celiac or avoiding animal products in their diet... because everyone deserves to be able to bite into a delicious cookie - no matter what their dietary requirements. 

The vegan cookie offers three delicious variations for customers to enjoy 


These special artisan snacks are made by Nic and his team from Nic’s own original recipe and sold at local markets by the very same hands.

It’s as authentic as it comes - from the idea to the creation and the business management.


We avoid single-use plastic, and other non-recyclables as much as possible in our kitchen - the environment is everyone’s responsibility and every little bit helps!

Our business is 100% vegan - we use products from reputable suppliers and we have managed to minimize our waste margins! We are always looking to do more for the environment.